Affordable Diy Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Affordable Diy Bathroom Remodel Ideas – So it’s been about three months since I last blogged and I just want to thank my friends who have been supporting me through social media. I had a hard time adjusting to the time constraints that come with being a new mom, and since I don’t have many mom friends in real life, having an online community of women was like a balm for the soul who has friends like that. in this new motherhood and can give me kind and reassuring words when I’m feeling a little stressed.

I haven’t had time to blog, but Instagram has become my life for you guys over the last 9 months because it’s an easy place to share things when my day isn’t overcrowded with chasing after the little energy tyke (Er is …). I’m getting to warp speed now… oh my!). So, to everyone who has interacted with me lately… thank you. Your words have made a huge difference in my little world and I hope that in the future this blog can pay off in some way and help others in their journey of feeling less than themselves.

Affordable Diy Bathroom Remodel Ideas

So, guys, where am I today? I’m chasing this little girl around. It’s been 9 months and my world is completely destroyed. I’m happy and excited and hopeful and full of love, and sometimes I just drown. But most of all I just want to be honest because this mom gig is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I think it’s all about helping other moms through it i.e. H. it’s easy. But I love it like crazy and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

Budget Friendly Small Basement Bathroom Diy Makeover

I mean, just look at that precious face. I’m sure he was sent to this world to attack me.

Now that the life update is behind us, let’s move on to my little bathroom renovation.

I know it’s a strange transition, but how can you talk about the rigors of parenthood and a crappy bathroom remodel in the same post? I think you just mix them up and act like it’s normal.

So I just spruced up our guest bathroom. It’s the same bathroom I painted stripes a few years ago in this post that went viral. I know many of you love this bathroom, don’t be mad at me. But sometimes you just get fed up with something and need to change it. And that’s how I found out about this bathroom.

Small Bathroom Remodel

Just to let you know, this is what this bathroom looked like when we first moved into the house about five years ago, before I did anything to it.

And this is what it looks like today after my last update. The good news for all of us on a budget is that this complete bathroom remodel costs less than $100 and all it takes is basically a few simple color ideas.

I painted the walls one of my favorite colors, Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray. It’s a beautiful deep gray that goes with almost everything. It looks modern and inviting without being too dark or heavy.

I also removed the bathroom mirror and hung a mirror I found at a thrift store a few years ago. Originally it was completely bronze, but I painted it with Krylon Champagne Nouveau (link attached) and I love the result. I kind of think it makes sense.

Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas

And FYI: This is my favorite color palette. Hands down. I use it on all of my mirror frames, including the one in the master bedroom that so many of you ask me about.

I painted the bathroom vanity with some oil paint (the same color I used on this dresser) and then gave the hardware a good nickel polish.

And then also because this look is dirty and old and since the 1970s I have taken out all the drawers and painted the inside of each drawer with Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze oil paint. I also removed the old faucet and drain and replaced it with a new brushed nickel bathroom faucet. Nothing fancy, but you can keep it looking its best with paint, new appliances, and a new faucet.

The countertop is simply white faux marble. It’s not good, but if you adjust everything around it, you almost don’t notice it. In an ideal world I would just put on the mirror and start over, but I have a baby to feed.

Home Improvement Ideas On Budget

Oh, and one last thing… One thing that I think makes a huge difference. I painted bathroom tile grout. I did a tutorial last year when I was painting our kitchen and bathroom and it’s still one of my most popular posts. This makes me think I’m not the only one trying to figure out how to clean tile grout. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

So when it comes to this bathroom, the tiles here aren’t bad. It’s just plain white tiles, but the grout is 30 years old and desperately needs help. So here is the before picture. You can see how grubby the joints are.

And here is a picture after I painted the wall. You can see many of the gentle eyes.

The product I use to paint the grout is called Polybend Grout Renew (affiliate link) and for this bathroom I used it in Snow White. I probably use 10% of this bottle when painting tile grout, so a small amount goes a long way.

Small Bathroom Ideas

And I won’t repeat the instructions (because my first post described the entire process in detail), but let me tell you… this is the easiest thing. It’s time consuming, but it’s very easy. All you need is a toothbrush and a few paper towels.

You can tell how big the difference is when you see the painted tile next to the dirty tile.

And when it’s finished it’s amazing… it looks like a new bathroom. I’ve done this in three separate rooms now, and in my bathroom it lasted almost three years before needing a touch-up. So it’s definitely worth it.

And that’s the new guest bathroom, folks. It’s crazy how happy this little room makes me. There’s nothing new about this, but I’ve spent a lot of time inside myself, sitting on the floor in sweatpants so ugly they should be banned, scrubbing the tiles with a toothbrush, listening to podcasts, and enjoying a few moments of peace . I knew my precious baby was fast asleep in the next room.

Diy Bathroom Makeover That Doesn’t Look Cheap

I have some big things in the works this spring and summer, and I’ll definitely be blogging about them, so I hope I’ll be here a little longer than I am. I keep my fingers crossed. This $1000 bathroom renovation only took 6 weeks and doesn’t look cheap! It looks like we used a lot!

We weren’t planning on renovating this year, but when I walked in and saw my 6-foot son trying to clean his face on the low shelf, I knew we had to talk about this room.

However, we no longer have money in the budget to complete the repairs this year. So we had to work with what we had and create a beautiful space for only $1,000!

Yes, this is the same room! This $1,000 DIY bathroom remodel only took us six weeks and we are simply amazed at the results!

Bathroom Remodel Cost

This bathroom is handicapped accessible, but my boys are very tall and the 30-inch shelf is just too low.

We removed the top and raised the shelf by adding 1 x 6 boards to the existing frame. After sanding the base, we cover up the seam by adding a small piece of trim to the front.

We updated the look by designing new doors and adding beautiful black doors and drawer pulls that we found on Amazon.

We then replaced the countertop with a Forica shelf that we salvaged from our pantry remodel and covered it with marble vinyl sheeting.

How To Makeover A Bathroom Without Remodeling

I noticed that it has a matte finish. Most of the vinyl is high gloss and I want a good look. We love how realistic the film looks and how easy it is to install!

After the vinyl was in place, we cut the hole in the top and put the old sink back in place.

Not only is our tile this speckled ’80s beauty that needs updating, but we also have a serious grout issue.

Here you will find the complete instructions for re-grouting your tub with important tips to make it quick and easy!

Diy Bathroom Remodel Ideas To Save You Money

After removing and replacing the grout around the tub, we were able to give the tile a full surface finish today using Rust-Oleum’s white Tub and Tile product.

We painted all the tiles on half the wall, including the tub and so on

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