Is Tiny House Living Right For Me?

Is Tiny House Living Right For Me? – Tiny House Expeditions let me take over their blog this week to share how my tiny house has forced me to be a better person.  

My name is Alaska, AKA House Little Can. I’m a writer, realtor, and Millennial nervous about rebuilding my life – in a tiny house!

Is Tiny House Living Right For Me?

At first, I had mixed feelings about how I could use Tiny House to improve my life—I didn’t think that Tiny Peace House would use me to improve the world.  In fact, I barely lived seventy-two hours before he called my house.  This is how it happened.

Tiny House Magazine Issue 130

Friends, before I get too deep, I have something for you.  It’s totally possible, I’ve done things that…before…were not admirable.  Now I publicly proclaim the Universe as hope for a better world.  Ahem.   

This is how I have lived my whole life, and although it would be a little silly to see it in a list format, Friends, what I have presented to you is nothing more than a snapshot of a typical life in the Western world. .

1) I’m not perfect.  I still commit the above sins.  I also do other questionable things like eat an entire sleeve of Oreos, use masking tape instead of Band-Aids, and leave voicemails with British accents.  This article is about progress, not perfection.

2) This article is not to blame anyone.  The human mind is strangely tender; So we all do it – they have become our norm!  If I’m scared, it’s because I think it’s time to soak our pearls in two gallons of potable water to wash them with legally approved chemicals before sending them off to the lab. drink again.

Lessons From Living In A Tiny Home

Three days.  This is where my little house shaped me.  Remember when I took out the kitchen trash every week?  When I moved to a smaller box, I was put in a litter box that was less than half full.  On the first day, it was half full.  The next day it was full of garbage.  On the third day I made the mistake of building a small house. 

The server at the “reliable” restaurant put my food in a large styrofoam bag that was sealed with two rubber bands.  Then he took a bunch of biscuits, a couple of sticks, a bunch of forks and knives, three towels and a biscuit wrapped in polythene, put it all in a paper bag… and then put it in plastic. bag… she attached my paper receipt… and the menu.   sweat?!  I’m sweating!   I wasn’t there then.  This is normal, remember?!

He didn’t think my house was normal and he told me later.  When I tried to dispose of the waste generated by my travels, a pile full of waste disrupted my routine. 

Friends, soy sauce has gone everywhere.  A bit of rice spilled over the edge of the pot and onto the janitor (they share a box because it’s a small house) and I stabbed myself on the rag.  For the life of me, I could not close this box.  House took out the box several times and threw the garbage on the floor of the living room.  

Work With Me

I had gray water on my second stop.  That said, I never put chemicals in the drain at night.

Guys, this has me wondering.  Do you know how many things we use every day that cause chemical degradation?  In a 24 hour period, I had to buy toothpaste, mouthwash, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving gel, hand soap, dish soap, dish soap, and anything else I could use to clean the sink or shower. I could take it to investigate. .  The bad news is that it’s been a busy week.  The good news is that the world has made many changes to biodegradable products!   If you’re tempted to switch because you used two products a year ago and they sucked, you can put that fear to rest.  Your people have experienced a lot of good things for you.  If you need a place to start, I recommend replacing your hand and dish soap with Dr. Bronner’s Foaming Pump Dispensers.

He opened a little! After one fall, I had to make changes that were better for my body, better for the planet, and in some cases…cheaper!   

When I bought my tiny house, a custom toilet was installed. So how did my tiny house convince me to go composting? Friends, a traditional toilet limits your small parking options.  My little trip started in an RV park with a sewer, but when I had to find a parking spot on private land, I realized that the toilet was a dream of the past.  

Man Converts Double Decker Bus Into Tiny Home That Perfectly Fits His Family Of Eight

Here’s the thing: Most people have a garden hose, many people have a heavy-duty electrical outlet, but very few are equipped with additional sewage or septic.  Moreover, it is not easy to install. The government doesn’t care about plugging in, but I promise you, why would anyone want to do anything? In the far corner of the lawn.  Trust me, if you want to get smaller, do yourself a favor and flush the toilet.

Correct.  So I don’t want to say that I’m biased, but maybe I’ve sometimes invited the failure people in my life.  You know who you are.  

Anyway, here’s what happened.  When we moved into the tiny house, everyone and their mother wanted to “see him,” “stay with me,” or even “move in.”  My first reaction was, of course!  I love my little house; it’s beautiful and I’m proud of it.  Why wouldn’t I want to share it with as many people as possible? I wasn’t able to post these requests due to Covid, but boy am I glad I did!

Here’s the deal.  You know how some guests are allowed in your kitchen but not your living room? A small room is like your bedroom.  You can’t hide how you spend your day, whether your bed is made or what you pay for.  Sometimes the medicine cabinet is full and your medications are on the counter or the mail is literally next to where your guests have their clothes hangers.  Does anyone need to use the bathroom?  There’s only one, and when you use it, I’m fifteen feet from the door, because that’s where the room is. 

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Friends, the small house is a very close place.  It’s a totally rewarding lifestyle, but after completing my first year as a tiny house owner, I have a new rule for who I let into my Tiny House of Peace: Only people I love and trust. i have  I must know you and you must bring good juju. Wine doesn’t hurt either.

I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t take energy conservation seriously until I moved into a tiny house.  I mean, if you asked me, I’d say of course I want to save the whales!!! But then I leave the thermostat at sixty-eight degrees and open the window for fresh air.  

As I write this, I feel a sense of anxiety because I have an air conditioner and I realize that the house is cold now.   Actually, hold on, I have to turn it off.  

Well, I’m back now.  What you just witnessed is 100% of what happened in the second month of my meager existence.

From Shed To Sanctuary: Building A Diy Tiny Home To Foster Mental Wellness

In the second month of June, I tried to turn on the air conditioner while I was taking a sauna. (I know, the sarcasm kills me too.) (Also, yes! I have a sauna in my tiny house!)  

Suddenly, there was a BEEEEP and everything went silent.  After two days of calling the electricians and arguing with the house’s small breaker panel, I found the breaker at the home owner’s house!  I currently have pieces of blue tape on top of high energy devices.

Other improvements: I now remember to turn off the lights and climate control systems before I leave the house.  I see too

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