Tiny House Living Room Ideas

Tiny House Living Room Ideas – We like to take advantage of the day or two we have in between to finish up a little storage space with the little one before they go to their new home to decorate the house and bring the house to life!

We pride ourselves on interior design, so whether you’re looking to furnish your tiny home or your full-time home, shop our tiny house collection of these pieces that will complement any floor plan for that perfect urban look!

Tiny House Living Room Ideas

Our interior design is based on our Malia interior design. Her tiny house interior design comes from several styles, but she combines it with a modern style that makes all of our tiny houses stand out!

How To Decorate A Small Living Room To Maximise A Tiny Space

The interior design of our tiny homes makes a huge difference in showcasing and attracting people to Tru Form Tiny. When a small house is well designed, people can see themselves living in one and then often build it for themselves. From West Elm to Stories and more, we’ve linked some of the pieces we used in the gallery below!

Maia and Adrian have unique backgrounds that have made them ideal for working with our marketing team. Maia, a native of the PNW, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and biology from Seattle University. Adrian is from Atlanta, and studied international relations at Rhode College in Memphis. Both Maia and Adrian served as Peace Corps volunteers in Zambia where they lived in rural communities before joining Tru Form Tiny. They are all excited to help showcase the best of little life and look forward to helping interested customers find the perfect little one for them!

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