Ways To Update Kitchen Cabinets

Ways To Update Kitchen Cabinets – My mom has a kitchen that was built in the early 2000s and it’s great, but now it’s 20 years old and it’s starting to look a little dated. I had some tile left over from my bathroom renovation and I asked him if he wanted me to restore his backsplash. He was happy with the thought! That idea snowballed a bit and I asked her if she wanted her whole kitchen to be new. He agreed but on one condition – no color! So I came up with some ideas on how to change her kitchen without painting the cabinets!

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Ways To Update Kitchen Cabinets

Don’t get me wrong, when I first talked to my mom about the refresh the first thing out of my mouth was “what about a new coat”? However, he did not want to paint the wooden shelves. I recommend just painting the top, painting the island, different colors and whatever else I need to break up some of the wood. (And I still think painting at least a few old kitchens would be cool.)

Painting Kitchen Cabinets White

My mother’s kitchen was previously dark stained maple, built in the early 00’s and in great condition.

The existing wood products are good and in good condition and are a good sounding wood. Unlike some wooden cabinets that have an orange tone, these are a beautiful deep color. He said he was concerned about the longevity of the paint.

(Even though you know I did the right thing, she did after I painted her laundry room!)

I respected his opinion and told him that we could give the kitchen a complete makeover without painting, with some small updates without getting into a big project. This is what we did!

How To Update A Kitchen In 15 Simple Ways (without Remodeling)

The backsplash was the first to date in my mother’s kitchen. It is made of travertine and glass tile and some are different. Overall, it doesn’t compliment black countertops or deep wood cabinets. We decided to knock it out and replace it with some clean modern-style white tiles to add some contrast and lighten things up.

Previously my mother’s backsplash was made of several different types of beige tiles and they did not add cabinets or countertops.

If you have dark wood products, I think the best way is to contrast them with white or light colors. A simple white tile like subway tile is a classic choice. My mom’s cabinets just don’t look good with that beige backsplash!

I wrote all about backsplash replacement in this post. If you are looking to update your kitchen, a new backsplash can be done on the cheap and is a great place to start for a new look. I can’t believe the end result, the huge difference the backsplash makes is unbelievable!

Simple Ideas To Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

My mom’s pendant lights aren’t bad, but as I said in step #1, adding big bleach is the name of the game so I asked her if we could replace her pendants with lights New vision with white color. Turns out he was tired of trying to clean the glass of his old stuff and agreed to this!

New devices are also found at affordable prices from Amazon. They make a big impact on the overall look of the kitchen design and tie into the white color of the backsplash.

Kitchen accessories make a huge difference to the look and feel of a kitchen! We found the pulls on Amazon and combined the knobs at Battle Creek Hardware. Replacing the equipment is not a lot of work and gives the old equipment a new life.

If you’re looking to update the kitchen, try new appliances first! I can’t believe the difference the new cabinet pulls and knobs have made. We tried a few different hardware and ended up with a pull from Amazon and a knob (very useful!) from Battle Creek Hardware!

Easy Ways Update Your Kitchen

I love warm metals like brass, gold and copper with wood pieces. In my opinion, cool-toned metals like stainless steel and chrome don’t complement the wood as well.

If you don’t paint, you need to pay attention to the holes apart from the existing ones and be sure to order equipment that works with the existing holes.

It’s an update that you can’t see, but you can definitely feel. My mom’s closet door has a hinge system that locks when closed, and we bought this simple tool that turns the old closet door into a soft door with a hinge. It has gone a long way to make my mother’s kitchen look nicer, simpler.

Don’t underestimate the power of some new styling and new accessories! It’s an easy way to update any space and give it a fresh, clean look.

How To Update Wood Cabinets No Painting

I didn’t want to take away from her kitchen, so I made sure to use the styling tools and products she already had. His kitchen has a few different areas, such as the coffee area and the toaster area and an area next to the stove, so I think about the functionality in each area.

On the right side of the stove, I took the bread he had, put it on the plate, and added a pot with some knives and a butter keeper.

Styling Hack – If you have clutter, it’s a good idea to keep it on a tray. It makes things seem more purposeful and not cluttered! The placement of related items on the tray (butter, butter knife and toaster) feels deliberate.

In the coffee area, we removed the accessories, kept only one coffee machine and brought some boxes to store coffee and tea. My sister made it, but these and these are the same.

How To Update A Kitchen With Wood Cabinets [without Painting Them] — Designed

On the left side of the fireplace, I added a high wooden pedestal that he already had with some work decor pieces like oil and vinegar, with a small plant.

We hung a small picture on the wall using Comm Strips, added a large fruit bowl, and added a vegetable oil and vinegar bowl next to the stove.

We also brought her a small picture hanging with a tape on the tile and a large fruit bowl that is my grandmother!

I encourage you to shop your home before buying new things – my mom already has almost all of these things in her closet. Buying your home and moving around is an affordable way to get a new look in every room you work on.

How To Update Kitchen Cabinets Without Replacing Them

The biggest problem with my mother’s kitchen was that there was too much wood and brown. The floor, cabinets, pantry doors and backsplash are brown. Although he didn’t want to paint the cabinet, he agreed to a fresh coat of paint on the pantry door, breaking up all the wood a little. I painted Benjamin Moore’s wall color on the Olympic mountain.

My mom has the same stool as me in high school. I won’t tell you how long… but let’s say it was a long time ago. I bought some cheap stools that we can modify and write about adding new fabric to the stool here.

Changing the barstools gives the island a new look and helps tie the space into the room with the blue rug. If you have a sitting area in your kitchen, look into updating the cabinets!

Here are the results of my mom’s little kitchen makeover! I think the small changes we have made go a long way. The best thing about this makeover is how cheap it is. Let’s break it down:

Ways To Update Kitchen Cabinets

The resources for the products we will list above, and here are some links to some of the products he already has:

Even though we are in the middle of renovation, maybe we already have a crazy idea to start over in another room. And while I can’t agree to work on two rooms at once, we managed to pull it off! We just completed a media room makeover with budget ideas…

Whenever I’m working with a design client, the most common suggestion I hear is “add carpet.” Carpets can be an investment so there is always the question of cost. What kind of rug should it be and how big should it be? And the biggest question of all, when to splurge and when to save…

So I’ve been talking about this for months and have been talking about this project for over a year

Fastest Way To Paint Kitchen Cabinets: The Ultimate Hack

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