Backyard Desert Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

Backyard Desert Landscaping Ideas On A Budget – The “ideal” landscape garden has long been considered a vigorous, emerald green lawn with colorful flowers and lush, leafy trees. But in 2021, the pendulum will swing in the opposite direction: one that favors dryness over lushness and muted over vibrant climates. Desert landscape design is about creating a Zen-like environment with exotic plants, an earthy color palette, and subtle materials like sand and pebbles. If you’re looking to make a big change in your front yard or backyard, here’s everything you need to know to bring desert lighting indoors. Replace your lawn with a rock garden. Hello, grass! Although green grass is the backbone of architectural design, desert landscaping ideas are about moving beyond tradition. Aside from its beauty, exchanging your lawn for a rock garden is a good environmental move: taking care of the lawn is not only a water-intensive process, but it also comes voluntarily use pesticides and other chemicals to make your lawn grow. green, faster. Here are some designs to consider before you start planning your landscape with different rocks: Use different rocks. While small stones are the best choice for the garden itself, you can create incredible depth by adding large rocks or stones to your path or border. green plants (rock garden also has plants – you don’t remove them too much). You can even create elaborate, tower-like arrangements with piles of tall stones. Play with colors. In the same way, you can create a completely different landscape depending on the color scheme. The stone garden is created in gray tones with tones of charcoal or slate like modern, while beige and warm gray tones create a cozier, more relaxed. Choose your information carefully. It’s called a “stone garden,” but don’t let the name limit your imagination: There are many decorative materials you can use to achieve similar results, including slate chips, crushed granite, lava rock, and even colorful glass gravel. . Consider combining different options and textures to create a unique look. Recommended Product: Blu Grande Smooth Slabs in Slate Gray Opt for Desert Plants A desert garden is nothing without desert plants. The relaxing, vacation-inspired atmosphere that comes with landscaping calls for drought-tolerant plants that are common in the West. From succulents to plants, these plants are a great starting point for making your outdoor space look like a beautiful desert. Hot Barrel Cactus This type of cactus starts out light and round (hence the name), but when it grows and stretches skyward to a more “classic” cactus shape. Regardless of their size, gold buckets look beautiful in a rock garden and if you are lucky they will occasionally produce beautiful yellow flowers. Mexican Feather Grass The dreamy, stems of Mexican Feather Grass will transport you to a state of bliss as they sway back and forth in the wind. Because its root system is stronger than regular grass, this plant is especially strong and adds the best touch of gentleness to the rock garden. Bottlebrush The variety of the brush produces red flowers that are similar to its name: a bristly bottle. With small, slender green leaves sprouting from its stems, this plant is an incredibly unique addition to a desert garden. Aloe is probably one of the most famous succulents of all and is best known for its leaves, pointed and attractive geometry. Each leaf is filled with a soothing gel that has been used for health, beauty, skin care and medicinal purposes for centuries – just why aloe is a good addition to you the future desert garden. Flaming Katy This well-known plant is the ultimate in color in a quiet landscape, boasting a lush crown of bright flowers (usually red, pink or yellow). When they’re not blooming, you can enjoy a garden full of curved, paddle-shaped green leaves from your Flaming Katy plant. Special product: Blu Grande Smooth panels in slate grey. Double the structure with pavers. From your front walkway to your backyard, the right pavers can tie together the beauty of your landscaping. When placing pavers in or next to a stone garden, we recommend having a large, beautiful stone that will not look too busy against a background of small pebbles or gravel (balls small mill does not need to have enough difference). Consider patio tiles like Blu Grande for your desert area. Available in a variety of colors, the texture is elegant and pleasing to the eye. The rectangle allows us to get the perfect linear structure for a regular and sophisticated effect. It’s just enough detail to make a statement without detracting from the rest of your design. Product Details: Blu Grande Smooth plates in gray nickel. Opt for airy furniture. Metals tend to heat up when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, it is rare to see metal garden furniture together with the beautiful desert. Instead, warm weather works best with natural materials like wood and airy designs that leave plenty of room for air to travel. With the recent revival of mid-century modern style, teak is a good choice for the outdoor desert garden: This beautiful material is durable, does not absorb wind warm, and beautiful for a Zen environment. However, teak can be quite expensive – if you are looking for a more affordable option, wicker creates a real relaxing atmosphere and adds texture to the room. It can sit in the sun for hours without heat, and many wicker chairs and sofas come with a layer of padding. Another option is furniture made from HDPE wood, a recycled plastic material that looks like real wood. It is exceptionally durable and weather-resistant, making it a top choice for outdoor use. HDPE is often used for Adirondack chairs and rocking chairs, both of which are great for desert gardens. Products: Ocean Grande Panels in Beige Cream. Create your own way to fight in the desert. Don’t make it a landscape: make it a painting. With Techo-Bloc you can create the perfect outdoor newspaper that brings the desert into your yard. Our pavers, patio slabs, stones and accessories are all designed to be as durable as they are beautiful. So when you fall in love with the design, you can trust that it will stand the test of time.


Backyard Desert Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

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